Wednesday, May 28, 2003

So I go over to Aaron's Baseball Blog this morning, just like I do every morning because 1. it's really good and 2. he writes it either very late at night or very early in the morning, which gives it a sort of "hot off the presses" feel, and I'm somewhat frustrated because he's written an amazingly thorough review of the Toronto Blue Jays, which I wanted to do, mainly because I bet fifty dollars at the start of the year that they'd win more than 78.5 games, and it was a great gloating opportunity. I move on to his favorite links list, dismayed over the loss of a potential story, and thinking how cool it would be to make even the "Down on the Farm" portion of the list, when WHAM! There I am! Eisenberg Sports! Just eight spots below John Sickels! Here's Sickels, writer of the most widely read minor league prospects book in existence, and me, blog writer for one week, together! Thank you Aaron!

Last night I was going through the box scores on ESPN, checking on the results of my fantasy players, when I see that the Orioles have beaten the Angels 12-4, and Sidney Ponson, also pitcher for the Swampscott Gators, got the win. This wasn't a surprise to me, as I had seen the score earlier and the Orioles were way ahead, but what stunned me was Sidney Ponson pitched THE ENTIRE GAME, throwing 133 PITCHES!

I wanted to reach through my monitor, tear Orioles Manager Mike Hargrove's heart out, and feed it to the squirrels in my backyard. Here you have Ponson, always injury prone, pitching this year with a TORN LABRUM in his shoulder, and somehow having his best year ever, and you're leaving him in to pitch all nine innings of a 12-4 game?!

End of 6: Ponson has given up two runs this inning. Score is 8-2. Leaves him in.

End of 7: Score is 12-2. Leaves him in!

End of 8: Ponson gives up a run. 12-3. LEAVES HIM IN!!

Disgusting. I go to my TV to catch the end of the late games, and I'm thinking about how if I had an army, I could just declare Hargrove a Weapon of Mass Destruction and send all of my soldiers after him, but the games don't capture my attention, and I start flipping through channels. Celebration at Big Sur is on!

Celebration at Big Sur is the greatest hippie flick of all time. It makes Woodstock look like Fear Factor. There's all these old (then young) folkies - Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Neil Young,John Sebastian, Joan Baez, Joanie Mitchell - playing out on the California Coast at what looks like someone's home. There seems to be only a couple of hundred people there, and there is no stage. All of the bands are playing by the pool. It's really odd to see Neil Young singing "Down By the River" three feet from the edge of the pool. There's peace and love all around. It's beautiful.

The best scene is when Stephen Stills is playing on one side of the pool, and everyone else is sitting on the grass, and some guy on a lot of acid decides he's had enough, gets up, and starts yelling at Stills. Stills tries to ignore him, everyone is so peaceful, and other people try to stop Bad-Acid Trip Guy, but its no use. Finally, Stills cracks, and goes after him! The last thing you expect in this movie is that Stephen Stills is going to try to beat the crap out of somebody, but there it is. People hold him back, and when he finally regains his composure, which takes a few minutes, he goes back to the microphone, and says something like "I was having a bad feeling, there, man. But I want to thank my friends for Loving Me out of It." Every thing is beautiful again

I decide that if its good enough for Stills its good enough for me. I'll forgive Mike Hargrove as soon as this scene comes on. I leave the movie on as I finish reading Moneyball, waiting for the scene to come on, and it never comes. I must have just missed it. I couldn't believe it. I watched the whole last hour of that movie for nothing.

Watch out Hargrove.


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