Thursday, June 26, 2003

Max Manning, and Jeff Biddle

Max Manning, an incredible and largely unknown Negro League pitcher, died earlier this week. He was in the Negro Leagues before and after serving in World War II. He hurt his arm within a few years of the war, and was never healthy enough to make it to the Major Leagues. His wife talked him into going back to school on the GI Bill. From there, Max spent the rest of his professional life as a sixth-grade teacher.

There seems like there is a movie in their somewhere. Josh Gibson meets Crazy Joe (that Morgan Freeman character. I can't remember the name of the flick.). Anyway, Goodbye Max.

If I could remember where I learned the prior information, I would most certainly credit them. But this next item I got from

"Now my pitching staff – Satchel, Sug Cornelius, Hilton Smith, Raymond Brown, Harry Salmon, Sam Streeter, Willie Foster, Harry Glass, Ted Trent and Max Manning. That's 10. We don't need 12 like the Big Leagues 'cause these boys can pitch!"

--Double Duty Radcliffe,
naming his all-time all-star team.

Jeff Biddle of Chicago was last weekend's Series Pickin Winner! Jeff Biddle of Chicago was also last week' Series Pickin Loser. Jeff Biddle was, alas, our only contestant. So for the time being, we are going to temporarliy retire the contest, and hopefully we can start it up next season.

Will still talk plenty of gambling, though.


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