Friday, June 20, 2003

Weekend Series Preview

Last Monday I tried to put up a contest, but the lines came in so late that it was impossible. So this time we're going to do things differently. I'll do the same material, just as a weekend preview. If the lines come in early enough, say between 12 and 4, we'll go ahead and post the odds and do the contest. If they don't, I think the information is still interesting to look at, and I know for me being better informed helps me the enjoy the games more.

We're back to interleague series again, and I have to say that this time around I am pretty bored with it. There's just way too many of these games so close to the All-Star Game. No wonder the All-Star game has lost interest over the years. Having the All-Star game after all of these interleague series is like having someone bring a pizza over just as you're finishing dinner (you can email me your own analogies) . Enough already.

Having said that, there's still some good baseball to be played. I chose the series based on the performance of the teams, and not because of any perceived rivalries. the information below will include team's record home/road, OBP, SLG, bullpen edges, and pitching matchups. I'll throw some predictions in there, too.

Boston (19-19) at Philadelphia (21-16)

Bos OBP .358
Phi OBP .336
Bos SLG .482
Phi SLG .394
Bullpen Edge - Phi

Kim (5.57) at Wolf (3.30)
Pedro (2.63) at Duckworth (4.98)
Burkett (5.60) at Myers (3.72)

The first game decides it. I like Myers in game three, and we don't need to talk about game 2. I'll take whoever winds up the underdog, probably Boston.

Toronto (22-16) at Montreal (23-11)

Tor OBP .360
Mon OBP .330
Tor SLG .484
Mon SLG .397
Bullpen Edge - Mon

Lidle (5.07) at Vazquez (3.82)
Hendrickson (5.72) at Kim (12.46)
Halladay (3.82) at El Duque (3.90)

The Blue Jays offense will do well here. They come back to win games two and three.

Kansas City (16-18) at St Louis (22-12)

KC OBP .339
Stl OBP .355
KC SLG .426
Stl SLG .472
Bullpen Edge - tie

Lima (6.00) at Morris (3.39)
May (4.04) at Williams (2.66)
Affeldt (4.11) at Stephenson (4.24)

Card's bats dominate.

San Francisco (22-15) at Oakland (26-10)

SF OBP .345
Oak OBP .327
SF SLG .430
Oak SLG .417
Bullpen Edge - Oakland

Moss (4.41) at Harang (5.91)
Williams (4.98) at Hudson (3.08)
Foppert (4.43) at Lilly (4.43)

The Giants dodge Zito and Mulder, but its not enough. A's.

Anaheim (17-20) at Los Angeles (22-15)

Ana OBP .336
LA OBP .309
Ana SLG .429
LA SLG .359
Bullpen Edge - tie

Washburn (3.61) at Nomo (2.64)
Lackey (5.78) at Ashby (5.82)
Appier (5.05) at Brown (1.97)

Dodges are rolling, and they continue to here.


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