Friday, August 22, 2003

It's All Part of My Rock'n Roll Fantasy

Now that I've scared all of the baseball people away with college football and social commentary, it's now time to attack my college football fans with a discussion of my fantasy baseball team. Maybe tomorrow I'll drive off my rock'n roll fans with an entry on the historical importance of the disco era.

I'm in this amazing league that doesn't want publicity because the owner wants to get it perfect before he publicizes it. I've told him that he's like the bride a week before the wedding, worrying about the most miniscule of details. Anyway,you make all of the in-game decisions, and it gives you a play-by-play of the game. It uses CURRENT stats, not last year's, so the season starts about a month after the real season. Players are rated on everything. It's a 24 team league with 35 man rosters. You get to protect 27 each year, and you can trade draft picks the year before. We play a 160 game season, so we'll be going until January. My team is 46-14, the best record of all, and plays it's home games in Fenway Park. Here's the lineup:

Catchers - Toby Hall, Chad Moeller, and Doug Mirabelli.
Moeller was my catcher for the first 40 games, but his offense has slumped, and his defensive ratings are low. Hall is the best defensively, but doesn't hit righties well. I'm actually starting Mirabelli vs. righties this week. He has a slugging percentage of over .500 vs. them.

First Base - Richie Sexson, Wil Cordero, and Tony Clark.
Cordero can also play left, but not well. He's also my most consistent pinch-hitter. Clark is always on the farm.

Second Base - Mark Ellis, Jeff Reboulet, and Tony Graffanino
This was supposed to be Ellis' job, but there's been almost no difference between him and Reboulet, who I picked up as a free agent. Graffanino starts vs. lefties.

Third Base - Scott Rolen
His defensive numbers have plummeted this season. I wonder if Cardinal fans have noticed a dropoff. I'm trying to deal for Lou Merloni as a backup.

Shortstop - Caesar Izturis and Ramon Vazquez
Vazquez was supposed to be the starter, but his defensive numbers are really low. Izturis does the hit and run well, and is the rock of infield defense.

Left Field - Cliff Floyd and Larry Bigbie
Just picked up Bigbie as a free agent. Floyd's injury would spell trouble if my record wasn't so good.

Centerfield - Milton Bradley and Marlon Byrd
I've actually been starting Byrd since his hitting has improved. Bradley's defensive numbers are low. I use him to spell Floyd against lefties.

Right Field - Bobby Abreu and Michael Restovich
Abreu is money. Stole Restovich in the 3rd round of the preseason rookie draft.

Starting Pitchers - Woody Williams, CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Jason Johnson, Sidney Ponson, Jarrod Washburn, Jeff Suppan, Dennis Tankersley.
Tons of depth, but no superstars in this group.

Relief Pitchers - Mariano Rivera, Damaso Marte, K-Rod, Jorge Julio, Billy Koch, JC Romero, Juan Rincon.
The strength of my team. We never lose a lead after six.

Go Saugus!

BAP Scores -

Boston 14 Oakland 5 from Tim at Musings From RSN

BOS 0.978 0.478 0.647
OAK 0.579 0.316 0.455

San Francisco 4 Atlanta 3
BAP - SF .500, BAP .457
OPS - SF .628, BAP .536
Barry Bonds, the greatest player of all-time, wins it with a walkoff homer.

The Standings:

BAP 33-6
OPS 32-8-1

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