Sunday, September 24, 2006

ECF Weekend Update

Perfect Teams with Wins against Top 10 Teams (2)
- Michigan, Ohio State

Perfect Teams (16)
- Wake Forest, Va Tech, West Virginia, Rutgers, Louisville, Iowa, Texas A&M, Missouri, Houston, Oregon, USC, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, TCU, Boise St

Teams with 0.5 Acceptable Losses (4)
- Bama, Clemson, Kansas, Purdue

Teams with 1 Acceptable Loss (11)
- UConn, Pitt, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, LSU, Air Force, San Jose St, Wisconsin, UCLA, USF, Ok St

Teams with 1.5 Acceptable Losses (1)

Teams with 2 Acceptable Losses (3)
- BC, Hawaii, Memphis

Teams with an Unacceptable Loss, protected by the 3 Weeks Rule (17)
- FSU, Maryland, Ga Tech, Texas, Nebraska, S Miss, Cal, Oreg St, Washington, WSU,
S Carolina,Tennessee, W Mich, CSU, Utah, NM St, Notre Dame


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