Saturday, May 31, 2003

The Keanu Reeves All-Stars

With a third of the season gone, it seemd like a good idea to try to throw together some early all-star teams. To make it a little more entertaining, we're going to name the teams after the movies of everyone's favorite actor, Keanuuuuuu Reeeeeeves!

The teams are put together in three ways. First, is the old-fashioned batting average, home runs, rbi teams that you could get from radio show hosts, beat writers, and bar drunks any time in the last hundred years. We're going to call this the Bill and Ted Team. The next team will have leaders by position in OPS. This will be the Devil's Advocate team. Last but not least, we will put together a team based on Paul DePosta's system, 3 times OBP + SLG, which will of course be the Matrix team.

We won't do designated hitter, because that always just goes to Edgar, or pitchers, because we'll save that for another day. Also, no children or animals were hurt in the writing of this blog entry.

Bill & Ted Devil's Advocate Matrix

American League
1B Carlos Delgado Carlos Delgado Carlos Delgado
2B Alfonso Soriano Bret Boone Bret Boone
3B Hank Blaylock Hank Blaylock Hank Blaylock
SS Nomar ARod Arod
LF Carl Everett Melvin Mora Melvin Mora
CF Vernon Wells Milton Bradley Milton Bradley
RF Juan Gonzalez Aubrey Huff Aubrey Huff
C Jorge Posada Jorge Posada Jorge Posada

You want a American League MVP award winner? How about Jorge Posada? He has twice as many homers as any other catcher, and twice as many walks. He leads them all in OBP and SLG. He's second on the Yankees in homers, third in OPS, and their only regular with a Yankees World Series ring who hasn't been on the disabled list (Yes, they've had that much turnover).

National League
1B Todd Helton Todd Helton Todd Helton
2B Jeff Kent Jeff Kent Marcus Giles
3B Scott Rolen Scott Rolen Scott Rolen
SS Edgar Rentaria Alex Gonzalez (FLA) Rafel Furcal
LF Albert Pujols Barry Bonds Barry Bonds
CF Preston Wilson Jim Edmonds Jim Edmonds
RF Gary Sheffield Gary Sheffield Gary Sheffield
C Benito Santiago Benito Santiago Benito Santiago

NL MNP? I don't know. How about Rolen?

The Paul DePodesta Medal of Honor toady goes to:

Aramis Ramirez of the Pittsburgh Pirates! Aramis went 3 for 3 with two walks and a stolen base!

and . . .

Brian Schneider of the Montreal Expos! Brian went 2 for 2 with two walks.

Robert Dvorchak of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette mentions that Ramirez went 3 for 3, but doesn't mention that he reached base safely 5 times.

Joe Rutter of The Pittsburgh Tribune Review doesn't mention Ramirez at all.

Rutter can be reached at

Robert Dvorchak can be reached at or 412-263-1959.

I want all of you to mail them and say:

On Base Percentage is the most important statistic there is in baseball! Please recognize Aramis Ramirez for his performance in yesterday's game, in which he reached base safely in every at-bat. Also, please inform the ballplayer that they have received the Paul DePodesta Medal of Honor for this achievement, as given by Eisenberg Sports, at

We can change the world, people! One beat writer at a time! Just copy and paste the message. Then email me, letting me know you did it. You can do it!


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