Monday, July 28, 2003

Eisenberg Sports Declares War On Sports Illustrated

Taking Care of Business
Every Day
Taking Care of Business
Every Way
Taking Care of Business
It's all mine
Taking care of Business
And working overtime
Bachman Turner Overdrive

I couldn't believe these guys even had a site. Turns out, they're still a band!

I'm quoted in Sports Illustrated letters this week (the Kobe mugshot issue) and I'm furious. It was in response to Rick Reilly's column a couple of weeks ago, in which he uses the entire last page of the magazine to make frozen Ted Williams jokes. This is how my quote appeared in the issue:

"He's been dead for over a year. It's time to let Teddy Ballgame rest in peace."

What does this mean in relation to the article? It's so vanilla its hard to tell. Considering the topic and the letters surrounding mine, which cracked more jokes about Ted, you might form the opinion that I think cryogenics is wrong, and that Ted should be buried. While I admit I would be more comfortable if Ted were buried, I never met the man, don't know his family, and don't pretend to know what his wishes were. In the end, whether or not he was buried, cremated, frozen, or shot out into space, he's gone.

He's gone, he's gooooone, and nothing's gonna bring him back. He's gone.The Grateful Dead

So my goal was to say "Hey! Show some respect for the deceased and his family." I understand that SI has the right to edit my comments, and with that in mind, I tried to deliver my message in an entertaining and respectful way with as few words as possible. There are people in the letters page who seem to have a couple of hundred words, yet SI still felt the need to edit this (or something close to it):

I believe the saying is Rest in Peace, not Rest in Dirt. Teddy Ballgame has been dead for over a year. It's time to let him rest in peace.

This has a much more specific direction, right? Aside from changing the emotion of the letter, they cut out the most interesting part, the only part worth printing. Well, I'm going after them. Join me in blasting SI for deflecting criticism of their magazine, and distorting the comments of their readers. You could say something like this:

"Hey SI, don't diss Eisenberg Sports. Make sure to quote David Eisenberg correctly the next time he bothers to write to your egotistical magazine."

Or even better, come up with something of your own. As a matter of fact, let's turn it into a contest. Email them your message, cc me on it, and the most entertaining rip on SI will appear on Thursday. The only rule is that you have to mention me and the blog. Also, if you could give them a link to here, that would be great too, but its not required. Here's a link to the page with the email address:

Sports Illustrated

At the bottom-left of the page, there is a section marked Email The Editor. That's where you want to go. Or, you can just copy it from here, and paste it in your email:

Even if you don't wish to enter the contest, an email on my behalf would be much appreciated. Thank you for your support.

We have one Paul DePodesta Medal of Honor winner today, and he is Carlos Delgado of the Toronto Blue Jays. Carlos went 3 for 3 with a walk and a homer. His Blue Jays won 10-1, meaning that teams who have a player in the lineup who gets on base or advances a runner in every at bat are now 10-1, and are scoring 8.2 runs per game.

BAP scores

Montreal 13 Atlanta 10

OBP - Mon .421, Atl .444
SLG - Mon .778, Atl .643
BAP - Mon 1.056, Atl .761

OBP gets it wrong. Montreal has the highest BAP score so far, in a game where they've scored the most runs so far.

Los Angeles 1 Arizona 0

OBP - LA .265, Ari .294
SLG - LA .324, Ari .143
BAP - LA .371, Ari .294

OBP gets it wrong. With the scores so low, you would think this series was being played in 1968.

Colorado 6 Milwaukee 1

OBP - Col .351, Mil .359
SLG - Col .419, Mil .250
BAP - Col .703, Mil .359

OBP gets it wrong.

Florida 7 Philadelphia 6

OBP - Fla .477, Phi .375
SLG - Fla .553, Phi .469
bAP - Fla .674, Phi .625

All three get it right.

St. Louis 4 Pittsburgh 3

OBP - Pit .303, StL .385
SLG - Pit .241, StL .343
BAP - Pit .429, StL .538

All three get it right.

Boston 6 New York 4 from Tim at Musings From RSN

OBP - Bos .368, NY .405
SLG - Bos .548 NY .389
BAP - Bos .684, NY .667

OBP blows it.

Boston 5 New York 4 from Tim at Musings From RSN

OBP - Bos .368, NY .325
SLG - Bos .545, NY .417
BAP - Bos .711, NY .525

All three get it right.

Another bad day for OBP.

Comments? Counseling?


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