Thursday, July 03, 2003

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Owning a blog has helped me to develop something of a split personality. Here, I'm writing for my own amusement (although I wish it was for others), but then there's this other place where I write and turn into something else, a no-nonsense, bare-knuckled, seeker of truth. Kind of like a supehero without the tight pants.

It's the forums. I've always gone to them and read, participated here and there, never spent too much time in one place, never got known anywhere, never wanted to be known. Now, with the blog, I at least have a great desire to have people read what I've spent so much time on. So I've gone back to the forums that allow me to put the blog in my signature, and jumped in full force.

It doesn't take long for someone to say something asinine, not suspecting that someone will actually come after them with FACTS. Sometimes I feel bad for them. They think that they are free to rant, insult anyone, and just do not think that anyone will use real information to back up their beliefs.

I don't actually enjoy that part, and if that's all I was getting out of the forums I would quit going. The positive that comes out of the whole thing is that it causes me to look deeper into topics I hadn't thought a lot about. That, in turn, gives me more things to present here.

So it's one big mostly happy circle. Yesterday, a group of semi-bigots were teeing off on all of the Europeans and High School kids (mostly the Europeans) who were ruining the NBA draft for them. Someone made the argument that the non-college players had a high failure rate. I knew this was wrong, and set out to prove it wrong.

These are the non-college picks for the first 15 picks for the last ten years.

1. Kwame Brown, Yao Ming
2. Tyson Chandler
3. Darius Miles, Pau Gasol
4. Eddy Curry
5. Kevin Garnett, Jonathan Bender, Nickoloz Tskitishvili
7. Nene Helario
8. DeSagana Diop
9. Tracy McGrady, Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudamire
12. Vladimer Radmanovic
13. Kobe Bryant
14. Predrag Stojakovic
15. Frederick Weis, Bostian Nachbar

What NBA team wouldn't take that draft record? There are terrific players all over that list, with three players on this year's NBA first team. The later picks are more hit or miss, but then they always are, and include Jermaine O'Neal and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. On top of this, Gasol and Stoudamire won the last two rookie of the year awards, and ten of the last twenty spots on the all-rookie team have gone to non-college players.

What is going to be interesting is when money starts coming in to play in Europe, and athletes start choosing to spend their careers there, where there are no free agent requirements. You're contract is up, you're free to go play wherever you want.

Someday, a young Kobe is going to take his game to Barcelona, and others will follow. How that affects American sports will be fun to watch. Basketball will have to loosen up it's free agency rules to compete, and dump its salary caps. Unions in other American sports will see this, and expect the same. The whole system will be at a crossroads.

I can't wait.

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