Saturday, August 23, 2003

Little Leaguers and College Kids

Years ago, in a different lifetime, I was living in Tampa, Florida. My parents decided to come down for the winter, and wound up renting a place in Long Boat Key. In order to visit my parents in the LBK (much too ritzy for anyone there to call it that), I had to drive through the tiniest of seaside communities, Bradenton Beach.

I have no idea just how big Bradenton Beach is, but I know that once you reach the coast it's only about two miles, maybe less, from end to the other, and it doesn't seem like it goes inland at all. I made the comment to my mother that I could be Mayor of Bradenton Beach just by hanging out in the bar a few hours and buying drinks. She thought that was a fantastic idea - the "me being Mayor" part, not the "hanging in the bar" part - and its been tucked in my mind ever since.

Bradenton Beach, Florida plays Saugus, Massachusetts in the US Final of the Little League World Series tonight. Even though I live very close to Saugus, and I guess I'd prefer them to win, I'll be very happy if the Bradenton Beach kids win, too. Here's hoping that all of the kids realize that this does not have to be the highlight of their life, that they're not going to the major leagues, and that they do their homework when they go back to school.

Key College Football Links:

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And the best of all:

I love college football and write about it. My friend Ray Murphy is a writer who loves college football. See his season preview at The Murphy Game

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