Saturday, October 21, 2006

ECF - The Path To The Championship

With only 17 teams left in ECF contention and only about another month to go in the season, it is getting easier to see possible ECF scenarios. Below is a breakdown by conference of where everyone stands, and their main obstacles towards winning a piece of the ECF title.

Big Ten - Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin

Ohio State needs to win at home and will then have to play the # 2 team in the country in the BCS championship game. Michigan can take the backdoor route because they have already beaten a Top Ten team. They can suffer an Acceptable Loss against Ohio State, beat whomever they are matched up with in the bowls, and come out of it with a share of the ECF. Wisconsin has to win their last four and hope it lands a bowl matchup against a Top Ten team.

SEC - Florida, Tennessee, LSU

Tennessee and LSU have a playoff game on November 4. Even if the Vols win, they have four other conference games to play, making it hard to catch Florida. LSU is two games behind Arkansas in the conference standings. Florida needs to beat Georgia next week, and if they win the SEC championship, will be playing for the ECF championship in their bowl game.

Big East - West Virginia, Louisville, Rutgers

All three of these teams will play each other, and West Virgina and Louisville have Pitt as well. All three teams have a chance to finish with an Acceptable Loss as well as a victory over a Top Ten team, setting up a relatively easy bowl game to win a share of the ECF title.

Big 12 - Texas and Missouri

They could meet in the conference championship game. The winner will have a great chance at the ECF.

ACC - BC and Clemson

BC's hopes hang on Clemson, whom they have beaten. If Clemson can get into the Top 10 at any point this year, BC will have their victory over a Top Ten team. If Clemson wins the ACC, they will likely get a Top 10 matchup in their bowl game.

Others - USC, Notre Dame, Boise St, BYU

USC has Notre Dame at home on November 25 in what is likely a playoff game. Boise State has to hope for a Top 10 foe in their bowl game. BYU has no shot.


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