Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Jab and Move

Richie Sexson was THE MAN yesterday in New York. In the Brewers 4-2 win over the Mets, Sexson went 3 for 3 with a walk to earn his second Paul DePodesta Medal of Honor in three days. Included in those 3 hits was his 29th homer of the season, and his 80th RBI. And that walk? It was intentional, with two out and no one on in the eighth inning. Teams with a PDMOH winner are now 11-1, and have scored 7.83 runs per game.

The Utah Jazz are in trouble. With Karl Malone gone to the Lakers, and Calbert Cheaney still a free agent, their racial policy may finally become exposed. Having Malone as a figurehead kept people from talking about the fact that the team seems to be around 50% white every year, in a league that has to be at least 80% black. With the Jazz looking to make a splash in free agency, they go after Brad Miller, the very big white man formerly of Indiana, but don't get him. Maybe Miller was smart enough to realize that you can't build a winner using only 20 % of the league talent pool. Their are only four African-Americans on the Jazz roster right now, none of whom played in more than 61 games, or more than 19.1 minutes a game. Its hard to see how any major free agent will ever choose to join that kind of environment, in a city that must have as little of an NBA lifestyle as imaginable. Well there's money of course, but you get the idea.

This is a political story, but because its also about gambling and its non-partisan, I feel its ok to talk about it, and too good to pass up. From Yahoo:

"The Pentagon is setting up a stock-market style system in which investors would bet on terror attacks, assassinations and other events in the Middle East. Defense officials hope to gain intelligence and useful predictions while investors who guessed right would win profits. Two Democratic senators demanded Monday the project be stopped before investors begin registering this week."

Just how desperate is the Pentagon to even joke about something like this? If you bet and win, do you get investigated by the FBI? What would stop a terrorist group from having "sleeper cells" wager on acts of terrorism and then committing them, and then getting to use Pentagon money to plan their next attack? Would anyone of any minority group ever dare to wager? Would you see some American buying drinks in the bar when a U.S. embassy blows up in Morocco, because he got 30-1? Would people put together office pools hoping for an explosion in France? And only two Senators, TOTAL, are opposed to this? Here's the link?

Pentagon's Futures Market Plan Condemned

The BAP Research Team needs volunteers. This site has developed a small, slightly obsessive group of BAP fanatics, but we do not as of yet have enough volunteers to do complete research. The goal (dream might be a more accurate word) is to have someone tracking every team for the rest of the year. The total amount of time you would need to invest would be about 15 minutes a day.

Now that we're accumulating more data, we can present it in new ways, too. Below is BAP scores grouped by the hundreds, and the range of runs you will get for each grouping:

1.000 = 13 runs
900-999 = 12 runs
800-899 = 9 to 9 runs
700-799 = 4 - 10 runs
600-699 = 2 - 7 runs
500-599 = 2 - 6 runs
400-499 = 2 - 5 runs
300-399 = 0 - 4 runs
200-299 = 0 - 2 runs

BAP scores -

Cincinnati 6 Philadelphia 5 (10 innings)

OBP - Cin .487, Phi .310
SLG - Cin .590, Phi .289
BAP - Cin .795, Phi .558

All three percentages analyze the data correctly.

Florida 3 Arizona 2

OBP - Ari .270, Flo .273
SLG - Ari .324, Flo .355
BAP - Ari .500, Flo .559

I seem to be doing Arizona games every day. All three get it right.

Anaheim 2 Oakland 1

OBP - Oak .265, Ana .281
SLG - Oak .323, Ana .267
BAP - Oak .371, Ana .375

SLG misses.

The Standings:

BAP 30-1
SLG 26-5
OBP 19-11-1

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