Sunday, November 23, 2003

A Pathetic Performance

I am now reduced to this. Using my emails to pass for an entry. Got an email from Joe, a BAP believer, and I thought I'd share it with you here. Not because I say anything particularly interesting in response, because I don't, but I realize that part of what I say to Joe I could say to all of you. Besides, Joe leaves a couple of good links that I'm going to bash first chance I get. So thanks Joe, I'll send you a cut of the ES profits.

Hey Dave,

I was reading some articles that said that OBP is
around twice as important as Slugging Pct. When
looking at your Bap scores I just know that shouldn't
be true because the team with the higher slg pct wins
more often. I was wondering what are your thoughts on

Here are the links to the articles
How Full of S is OPS?

More On-Base Weight Need For Better OPS, by Rob Neyer

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the articles. I'm with you, and I'm going to respond in more detail to this on the blog, when I post my BAP World Series Wrapup, maybe Thanksgiving morning. I've got all of these stats that I've calculated, including the start of the next BAP project, but just don't have any time to publish them. I've got a Union contract vote tomorrow - I'm a counter - and former Dead member Phil Lesh tickets for Tuesday, so the earliest will be Wednesday night, but it might not be until Friday. It's coming though. I swear.

Thanks for hanging in there.

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