Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Win It!

It's too late to provide pictures, links, or summaries. Following the passion of a Sons of Sam Horn thread, here are my dedications.

Win it for Bill Buckner and Johnny Pesky, so those horrible film clips will never be shown with the same feeling of tragedy again.

Win it for Dan Duquette, who traded for Pedro, D-Lowe, and Varitek, and signed Manny, the core of this soon-to-be Championship team.

Win it for Tommy Harper, my favorite player as a kid, who fought the racism that was rampant throughout the Red Sox organization, and still holds our record for stolen bases in a season.

Win it for my Mom, who learned to score Sox games over the radio with her Dad, and died of the illness that Curt Schilling leads the fight against, ALS.

Go Sox!


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