Monday, October 11, 2004

College Football Weekend Review

For some reason, this site is getting hits. Not a lot mind you, but a fair amount seeing that I haven't been writing here at all. Now there's a scary thought - is this site more popular when I'm NOT writing?

Here are the current ECF (Yes! The ECF Returns!) standings, a perfect distraction from the pre-ALCS mania about to overtake all of us.

  • Unscathed Teams Who Have Beaten a Top Ten Team (3)
    Auburn*, Oklahoma*, USC*

    All Other Unscathed Teams (9)
    ASU, Boise St, Louisville, Ok St, Navy, Purdue, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin

    Teams With Half-Acceptable Losses (3)
    FSU, Miami*, S Miss

    Teams With 1 Acceptable Loss (7)
    BC, Cal, Memphis, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri

    Teams With 1.5 Acceptable Losses (1)

    Teams With 2 Acceptable Losses (2)
    N Illinois, Tex Tech

    Teams With Unacceptable Losses Protected By The Three Weeks Rule (3)
    Texas A&M, UAB, UCLA

    If you're somebody who is an old fan and has been dropping by from time to time to see what's going on, drop me a quick note, and I promise to thank you profusely.

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