Sunday, March 28, 2004


I musta got lost
I musta got lost
I musta got lost
Somewhere down the line
- J Geils Band

"We're dealing with a lot of shit here." - Crash Davis, on the mound in Bull Durham.

When I first hooked up Baseball, I figured it would all flow together seamlessly. I would stick with baseball through the spring and summer, post my entries here and there, and everything would work out fine on my path to glory. Well of course nothing quite goes the way you hope. I've received almost no hits from Baseball, which means that either A. They don't get as many hits as I thought, or B. I suck. I don't care much about that, except it has also interfered with the way I write. I keep looking for the home run, the big research-based essay on something that interests me, and neglecting to just pound the keys, and see what happens.

So I come before you today to share nothing of real value, but just to spill. Blogging for the sake of blogging. And you read all of those blogs out there, and I bet the vast majority of them are not trying to find time to write while also trying to:

- Watch a one-year old. My wife has had to work twice as many days this last week due to various tragedies befalling her co-workers.

- Fill out report cards. A pain in the butt.

- Get a mortgage. With no money.

- Hire a realtor. We had one chosen until she started arguing with me about the price of my house, even though I gave her a number in the range that she gave me! Then, the next person we tried to hire didn't return my call. We ended up with these two young guys who are full of shit, but have lots of energy.

- Deal with a housing inspector. The inspector says the storage space under the stairs MAY be a violation. I said to him, "You're the inspector. You're supposed to KNOW whether or not its a violation." He checked with some architects and the city, and it turned out it wasn't.

- Get ready for an open house. Now just 10 days away.

- Fix a toilet. It seems to be just a problem with the stopper, but I can't find one that fits quite right.

So anyway, I'm psyched for opening day, which I hear is sometime soon, and there will be BAP scores (remember those?) and even some new stuff that I've been pondering in my not-so-spare time.

Birthday this week, too. 40.

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