Monday, March 01, 2004


If you're just coming here from Baseball,welcome! I'm very excited to be a part of all that, except for one thing - it's not baseball season yet! Of course, it's real close, with the first ESPN game being Wednesday, but lately I've been writing about a wider variety of stuff. It is the off-season, after all.

So let me make some suggestions to you. First, check out anything I wrote during June, July, and August to get a feel for what's ahead this summer. I was off of work those months (I'm a teacher), and I'm really proud of that body of work. You might also want to look for a few of my favorite entries:

7/13 Brother Blood
6/24 Bruce in Fenway
6/23 Larry Doby and the Negro Leagues
7/8 kind of a self-portrait

Then, if you're still game, check out the BAP For Beginners link. It's a more complete explanation of some of the statistical stuff that you will find littered throughout the summer entries.

Finally, if you haven't dashed for the exits, say hello. I'd love to hear from you.

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