Monday, January 19, 2004

Super Bowl!

I don't write much about pro football, but it's not because I'm not a fan. It's odd how blogging can make you an "expert" on something, when really your whole life you've switched from sport to sport, team to team, depending on how much any one team is entertaining you. I generally start watching the NFL these days around Thanksgiving, once the regular season of college football ends. This gives me about five weeks of serious NFL regular-season viewing, plus all of the playoffs, which is plenty if you want to have any level of diversity in your life. So, this means that I didn't have to be Nostradamus to make the following prediction the other day:

"The Carolina Panthers hit like criminals, and will beat the Eagles by ten Sunday."

And it also doesn't mean that I wasn't going crazy watching my Patriots stop Peyton Manning and those loser Indianapolis Colts. I'm kind of mad at myself because I didn't win more money, because really, the Colts haven't been a problem for the Pats since Bert Jones was quarterback.

This brings us to the Super Bowl, which started with the Pats a 7-point favorite last night, and is now 6.5 this morning. Who better than a blogger to give you immediate Super Bowl analysis? Here's a mini-version of the game.

1. The Panthers devastating defensive line will be rendered inconsequential to the Pats' quick passing offense. Did you see those five-receiver sets? The Pats will move the ball with relative ease.

2. The Panthers will not be able to run such a conservative offense against the best defense in the game, and will be forced to open things up with their NFL Europe Quarterback. It won't work. It will be reminiscent of the Patriots' first Super Bowl appearance against the Bears, when the Pats knew they couldn't get away with what they'd been doing, tried to change who they were at the last minute, and still failed miserably.

Final Score? Patriots 30 Panthers 3. Tom Brady completes 25 of 35 and finally starts to get recognition as the best point-guard/QB since Joe Montana.

A mini-dynasty is born.

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