Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Kicking and Screaming

Finally, like a dehydrated marathoner reaching from his knees for the finish line, Eisenberg Sports has reached 5,000 hits. I'm sure I would have made it much sooner, had I been writing anything on a regular basis. A few quick observations while I'm here.

Mike Martz is the Grady Little of football. Rams fans don't seem to be going after him with similar fervor, so they deserve what they get.

Go Astros!

The Marlins should build their new ballpark in Broward County.

Howard Dean is going to be like a top-ranked team in the college football polls. He's going to win Iowa and New Hampshire, but he'll do it so unimpressively that no one will care.

Isaiah Thomas is an idiot, and I wouldn't trust him to run my lemonade stand. Not that I'm sorry the Knicks hired him.

I have never seen a more dejected and uninspiring QB than the one that took the field in the last two minutes for the Philadelphia Eagles. Donovan McNabb also called a timeout after two incomplete passes, 15 seconds into the game.

I have the same opinion of Space Exploration as I do of the ARod trade. I love to dream about it, but I don't know if I want to pay for it. I'd love to know who is behind W.'s push for the mission to Mars. George actually talked today about going to Mars, "and worlds beyond". Uh, where is the public support for the Jump to Jupiter? The only Jupiter I want to go to is the one Parcells lives at, north of Palm Beach.

The Carolina Panthers hit like criminals, and will beat the Eagles by ten Sunday.

The injury to Damian Woody is a problem for the Pats.

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