Sunday, November 07, 2004

College Football Weekend Update

Only Miami is eliminated this week, and there is no change in status for everyone else. Here's the current standings:

Unscathed Teams That Have Beaten a Top Ten Team (4)
Auburn*, Oklahoma*, USC*, Wisconsin*

All Other Unscathed Teams (2)
Boise St, Utah

Teams With Half-Acceptable Losses (0)

Teams With 1 Acceptable Loss (2)
Cal, Louisville

Teams That Have To Be Perfect The Rest Of The Way (4)
BC, FSU, Michigan, WV

Unlike last year, when teams were falling left and right, we are looking at a scenario where many teams are going to be potential champions heading into their bowl game. BC and West Virginia is this weekend (which should finally spell the end for the Eagles), and that's the last time any of these teams play each other until December, or January. Here are current bowl projections for these teams, courtesy of College Football News.

Orange - Oklahoma vs USC
Rose - Wisconsin vs California
Sugar - Auburn vs Virginia
Fiesta - West Virginia vs Utah
MPC - Boise St vs. Clemson
Insight - Boston College vs UCLA
Peach - Florida State vs LSU
Liberty - Louisville vs BYU
Capital One - Michigan vs Tennessee

BC will probably be gone. FSU will probably have to make it to the Sugar to survive. Louisville, Boise St, and amazingly, Michigan, look to be elimnated by the Top Ten Rule, which states a team must beat someone in the Top Ten of any poll during the course of the season. But that still leaves us with potentially four champions, a new record. Included in those chances is Utah, who seem headed for a bowl game with what will be a Top Ten West Virginia team, and a chance at the first ECF championship for a small conference.


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