Monday, October 23, 2006

ECF Update

With Clemson's appearance in the 10th spot of this week's AP poll, BC has shot up the ranks, now qualifying as a team with a victory over a Top 10 opponent. Here's this week's standings:

Perfect Teams with Wins against Top 10 Teams (2)
- Michigan, Ohio State

Other Eligible Teams with Wins Over Top 10 Teams (3)
- Tennessee (Unacceptable Loss, protected by 3 Weeks Rule)
- Florida (Acceptable Loss)
- BC (Two Acceptable Losses)

Other Perfect Teams (5)
- West Virginia, Rutgers, Louisville, USC, Boise St

Teams with 0.5 Acceptable Losses (1)
- Clemson

Teams with 1 Acceptable Loss (2)
- Missouri, Wisconsin

Teams with 1.5 Acceptable Losses (1)

Teams with 2 Acceptable Losses (1)

Teams with an Unacceptable Loss, protected by the 3 Weeks Rule (2)
- Texas, Notre Dame


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