Thursday, June 05, 2003

With all of the Sammy commotion going on, I failed to mention the PDMOH awards for Tuesday:

Garret Anderson
Travis Lee
Chipper Jones

And here's last night's:

Manny Ramirez
The Amazing Melvin Mora 1 Ab 1 hit 3 walks!

I also, didn't get to go over the Red Sox' draft picks. They stayed the Epstein Course, drafting college kids almost all of the way through, leaning heavily towards performance-based picks. I was planning on comparing the player's draft positions to those of the past, but because of the way the Sox and other teams approached the draft this year is so radically different from the past, I'm not sure its relevant.

Had another dentist appointment yesterday. They said I'm making good progress, and gave me another 40 percoset. Writing is one of the easier things for me to do right now, but I think I'm taking the rest of the day off.

Lot's of good day games to nod off to.


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