Tuesday, September 16, 2003

A Big MAC and Golden Arches

Man, are we set up for a great weekend of college football! There are matchups of undefeated teams, major opportunities for small conference teams, and our first game for many that is not covered by the Three Weeks rule. But it's not Rule # 3 that rules this week, but Rule # 7, the Top Ten Rule. Here it is:

7. The Top Ten Rule - Teams must beat another team that is in the Top Ten in either Poll when they play, or in the Top Ten later in the season. This is an attempt by Eisenberg Sports to insure that strength of schedule is considered, and gives our poll-loving fans something to do.

Rule # 7 is the killer of all small conference teams. As great as any of them get to be, they almost never get an opportunity against a serious power if they've built any kind of reputation for themselves. Last year's victim was TCU, who ran the table after suffering an opening OT loss on the road. TCU might have pulled off the upset if they just had a chance, but it wasn't to be.

Saturday though, the eyes of the BCS-Excluded will light with anticipation of the kill. Both Bowling Green and Toledo get to play Top Ten teams, with the Rockets getting Pitt at home, and the Falcons getting an Ohio State team teetering on the edge of defeat. If either team - which both still qualify for the ECF Championship - wins this game and goes undefeated the rest of the way, who can honestly offer any evidence that they couldn't win a tournament? No one who understands honesty, or evidence.

So this is it. The MAC's chance to step up and create a great national debate: If they beat Ohio State in Columbus, go undefeated, and win the best game bowl they are allowed to go to, how can we not call them a National Champion? They'll be Champions here, at Eisenberg Sports.

All rankings below come from College Football News. Let''s get to it!

Games between the Undefeated:

# 22 Texas A&M at # 7 Virginia Tech - VT is a 14.5-point favorite. Moving on without Slocum, this is the Aggies's chance to make a statement. On the flip side, if VT covers that spread they'll be in danger of suffering an Unacceptable Loss. I like The Aggies to keep it close. And oh, check out "Texas A&M and Baseball, in no Particular Order" over on the right. It's a great site, and the writer Ryan just got engaged, so wish him luck.

#5 Georgia at # 9 LSU - LSU is a 1.5-point favorite. I like the Tigers in this one - Georgia never seems to deliver when they need to - but this is a very dangerous game for LSU. Their fourth game of the year, if they lose at home they are eliminated from the ECF (Eisenberg's College Football)Championship.

#2 Michigan at # 32 Oregon - Michigan is an 8-point favorite on the road. Oregon, at 3-0, is in the same boat as LSU - beat a bigtime team at home or they're done. Not that it matters, but I once saw the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan in this building. I think the Ducks will cover, and maybe win it.

# 19 Bowling Green at # 6 Ohio State - The Buckeyes are 14.5-point favorites, but if there was ever a wounded animal, it's this team. As of right now, Krenzel is questionable, and Bowling Green will be ready to tear his face off if he does play. Let Eisenberg Sports call it first: Falcons win outright.

#28 Arizona St at # 20 Iowa - The Hawkeyes avoided the mistake of last season, and after crushing Iowa St, are poised to make a run. ASU will not be the team to take them off course. I like Iowa to win, but I don't know about those points.

Other huge games:

#3 Miami at # 24 BC - The Canes are 12.5-point favorites in the first big matchup between the New ACC and the Jilted. Canes to win and not cover, BC eliminated.

# 12 Tennessee at # 14 Florida - My Gators have found their first star running back since Fred Taylor. The Vols were also the victims in Ron Zook's first big win last year. Zook has the Gators on the right track, but he needs another big win soon. He gets it here, as Florida covers the 3-point spread.

#13 Pitt at # 69 Toledo - Nobody, NOBODY looks at this as anything more than a game Pitt has to be careful with, but Pitt is ranked in the Top 10 in one of the two BCS polls, making this a Golden opportunity for the Rockets. Only 10.5-point favorites, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Panthers fall.

And we haven't even done the Playoff games yet! Here they are:

# 31 Colorado at # 11 FSU - There's no line yet on this one, but it's very interesting to see this kind of rare matchup with such high stakes this early in the year. I like FSU.

#74 UCF at #75 Syracuse - Future Big East rivals? The Orangemen cover the four points.

# 73 Miami-OH at # 33 Colorado St - Growing respect for the MAC, CSU is only favored by 6 at home.

Can't wait, can't wait. Baseball comes back tomorrow.

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