Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Lock and Load

This will be a lot like my "Jab and Move" colums, except that I'm not feeling anywhere near that level of passive. Went back to work today after a six-month leave, and now I will be tested. So you think you're a writer, man? Well, let's see how you do now.

Want a good reason to quit gambling? Last night's TCU - Tulane game would give anyone the perfect excuse. I went to bed with TCU - a five and a half point favorite - ahead 31-7 in the fourth quarter. So what happened? TCU won, but barely, 38 - 35. Tulane scored a couple of times, returned an interception for a touchdown, and scored again with 24 seconds left to play. I'm glad I didn't stay up for it, because I would have put my foot through the f***** TV screen. But if that's not enough to scare you, go over to Aaron's Baseball Blog, and you'll see that he picks a bunch of baseball games everyday. Betting with a hundred dollar base for every play, Aaron is up $2,840 for the year. You know he's not betting. Anyone with real money going and that kind of track record would have upped his bet amounts by now, or would have become too conservative with his picks. But it's still damn impressive, and maybe worth investing in, if you're into that kind of agony. Aaron's site is Aaron's Baseball Blog

Jerry Remy has become something of a Baseball God in Boston, and it's starting to piss me off. The guy is a damn good color man, always insightful and informative, but people are starting to treat him like he's Bruce Springsteen. Actually, right now he's bigger than the Boss. I know this because every time I tell someone I have "Bruce in Fenway" tickets for Saturday, they say "OH! Are you going to Jerry's Party?", like they know the man, and when I tell them I'm not, they're disappointed. I swear, they're are more people in Boston excited about Jerry's pre-concert lobster-and-steak bash on top of the Wall than the concert itself. Also, it seems to me that Remy can not go a game now without promoting his own website. The man is truly out of control, and needs a scandal in the worst way.

I'm noticing a certain surliness coming through under this new post-work writing schedule. I assume it is a temporary thing.

I caught a glimpse of President Bush talking to Union workers in an Ohio Rain yesterday, kicking off our next Presidential Campaign. I love elections, and I guess anyone who reads this site can see why. There are predictions, analysis, changes in momentum, tradition, heavy stakes, a crazy system, money - it's just like college football. Don't worry. I have no intention of boring everyone to death with my political philosophies - although I've got a great system (Ever see the movie "My Blue Heaven"? Rick Moranis' wife leaves him for a ballplayer, with her main excuse being "He's got a system for EVERYTHING.") for fixing Congress - I'm just going to watch the race. Who's winning and who's losing, how the electoral college seems to be going. Kind of like looking at team schedules. Don't Worry II: It won't happen often, and if it sucks I'll pull it.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to find more time to explore that OBP/SLG argument I've been obsessed with lately.
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