Sunday, August 31, 2003

Saturday Recap

Baseball Alert: Baseball Coverage will be back tomorrow, Monday, around 6:00 pm eastern.

Who needs Carson Palmer?

The USC Trojans crushed The Auburn Tigers yesterday 23-0, due largely to a defensive line that just blew up the Tiger offense. Auburn's much hyped backfield was held to 43 yards on 36 carries, and Tiger QB Jason Campbell ate Alabama Dirt all night. The Trojans, one of last year's three ECF Co-Champions, jumped out to an early lead in this year's race, as they are right now the only team in the country with a victory over a Top 10 team, and now have the toughest game on their schedule out of the way. Let Eisenberg Sports be the one to say it first: Pete Carroll is the most underrated coach in college football.

As for the rest of yesterday's results, there were lots and lots of blowouts. Without even a full slate of games, 32 teams, over a quarter of all teams in Division 1A, suffered Unacceptable Losses. Every single home underdog lost yesterday, an amazing stat. Also, some of the Good Ol'Boys had big days. Georgia, Florida State, and Florida all looked sharp yesterday.

Here are the standings, as of Sunday morning:

Teams Protected By The Three Weeks Rule That Have Suffered An Unacceptable Loss (There's lots of them already!):
Auburn, Washington, CSU, Clemson, BC, Fresno St, S. Miss, Illinois, W Virginia, Miss St, Miami OH, UNC, Duke, N Texas, USF, San Jose St, Indiana, La Tech, Akron, Vanderbilt, Rice, Kansas, Mid Tenn St, SMU, Baylor, C Mich, La Monroe, Idaho, Troy St, UTEP, Tulsa, Utah St

Keep in mind that Iowa was in this group last year, and ran the table all the way until their bowl game. So it's not impossible, but it also wasn't Iowa's opening game, and they had no conference championship game to play in.

Teams With One Acceptable Loss:
Oklahoma St, Ga Tech, Toledo, Temple, W Michigan, Arkansas St, La Lafayette, and Buffalo.

Teams With A Half-Acceptable Loss:
California, Maryland, N Illinois

Teams With A Perfect Record Who Haven't Beaten A Top 10 Team:
Everyone else except for...

The One Team With A Perfect Record That Has Beaten A Top Ten Team:


Six more games this afternoon and this evening. Check your local papers or College Football News (link on the right) for further details.

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