Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Brian Giles and the rest of the National League All-Stars

So the switch to late-afternoons pays immediate dividends. The Pittspurgh Pirates today traded Brian Giles to the San Diego Padres for Oliver Perez, Jason Bay, and a player to be named later. The Padres get one of the top hitters in all of baseball for one of the top left-handed pitching prospects in all of baseball. The Pirates save a ton of money and at least get pitching. This is one of those deals that everyone will hate for the Pirates right now, but the jury will stay out quite some time until we see what kind of career Perez has.

This spring in my fantasy league, I traded Perez and John Olerud for Richie Sexson. I wanted to get value for Olerud and solve my first base concerns before he got too old, and it looked like Perez was still not quite ready. Of course, Sexson is younger than Giles, and my team was a contender, making it easier to part with Perez. But how close are the Padres? They do have a lot of young pitchers so they can afford to part with one, but I'm not sure how many are lefties, and I won't believe that they are going to invest even more money in payroll until I see it. I have a feeling that this one will end up one-sided, but for whom, who knows? Ask me again in 2012.

As promised, here are the NL All-Stars rated by BA (Batting Average) plus SecA (Secondary Average), my no-name stat that I'm guessing might work better than OPS. For a short description of why I think this might work, see yesterday's entry:

1B Todd Helton
2B Marcus Giles
3B Scott Rolen
SS Edgar Renteria
LF Barry Bonds
CF Jim Edmonds
RF Gary Sheffield
C Ivan Rodriguez

The OPS team would have been exactly the same.

Here are the top eight in BA plus SecA:

1. Bonds 1.140
2. Helton .802
3. Edmonds .797
4. Sheffield .793
5. Albert Pujols.787
6. Jim Thome .750
7. Brian Giles .732
8. Rolen .724


First Player Taken in a Fantasy Draft for One Year - Barry Bonds.

Best Player on a Contender: Barry Bonds.

Most Valuable Player other than Bonds: Only one in the Top 8 is the best at a key defensive position. Jim Edmonds.

BAP Scores:

Sox- Mariners brought to you by Tim at Musings From RSN

8/24 Bos 6, Sea 1
Bos .676/.405/.485
Oak .378/.324/.250

8/23 Bos 7, Sea 6
Bos .941/.451/.595
Sea .564/.333/.395

8/22 Bos 6, Sea 4
Bos .683/.333/.500
Sea .432/.317/.432

Friday - Philadelphia 9 St Louis 4
BAP - Phi .810, Stl .513
OPS - Phi 1.028, Stl .692

Saturday - St Louis 5 Philadelphia 3
BAP - Stl .684, Phi .585
OPS - Stl .840, Phi .726

Sunday - St Louis 3 Philadelhpia O
BAP - Stl .757, Phi .316
OPS - Stl .700, Phi .518
In this game, St Lous had an amazing 13-0 EB advantage.

A perfect weekend for both BAP and OPS leaves us with these standings:

BAP 39-6
OPS 36-8-1 ( last time, I gave OPS credit for two extra wins by mistake)

I don't know, felt a little rushed, this afternoon business. A totally different groove. we'll see how it goes.

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