Sunday, September 14, 2003

College Football Weekend Wrapup

Last night I was at an Aerosmith concert. I had incredible seats. The stage was grittier and smaller than usual. The band roared out on stage and kicked into Mama Kin. At the chorus for the second verse, some country star who's name I couldn't quite remember came out out of the crowd with a headset on, ripped off his sweatshirt, and joined Steven Tyler for the chorus. It was wild.

Then I rolled over, and knocked a glass of water off of my nightstand. 2:30 in the morning, and I'm soaking up puddles from my wood floors, instead of taking in the last great Aerosmith concert. Man, if it wasn't for that glass, I might have seen the whole damned thing.

But hey, I did get to see a great day of college football. Notre Dame was eliminated from the Eisenberg College Football (ECF) Championship, and that's always a good thing. But there were many others sent home, too, and a few other surprises.

This is probably the time when I should go over the overtime rules. You can find all of the rules below or at the right.

3. The Overtime Rule - Eisenberg Sports considers the current overtime rule of the NCAA to be ridiculous, but we'll use it. However, we'd like to tinker with it a little.

a. An OT win by the home team is considered a tie, half win - half Acceptable Loss, for both teams. If a home team can not prove they are the better team in regulation, than they aren't.

b. An OT win by the road team is considered to be a win for the road team, and an Unacceptable Loss for the home team.

c. An OT win on a neutral field will be a tie, half win - half-Acceptable Loss for the OT winner, and an Acceptable Loss for the loser.

Rule #3 was a big player yesterday. First of all, NC State survives. They have now accumulated 1.5 Acceptable Losses, and have to be perfect the rest of the season, but they're alive. Ohio State now has a Half-Acceptable Loss, which doesn't hurt them much, but we'll see how it goes. Notre Dame was eliminated not just by the Unacceptable Loss to Michigan, but also by their earlier OT win at home against Washington State. On a smaller note, there was a playoff game yesterday between Duke and Rice. Because the home team - Duke - won in OT, both teams accumulated a Half-Acceptable Loss, and were eliminated.

Five MAC teams were knocked out yesterday, and three Big Ten teams. There are now four Big Ten teams eliminated, and three others who have suffered an Unacceptable Loss, including Wisconsin, killing my 75-1 Sugar Bowl wager. Michigan though, wow. I would say they are right there with USC as teams that I think have the best chance of being ECF eligible going into their bowl game. And Texas? The Unacceptable Loss is protected by the "3 Weeks" Rule, but now they have to be perfect the rest of the way, an almost impossible task in the Big 12.

Anyway, I'm so excited about next week's games that I'm not waiting for Friday to do it. Look for the big Weekend Preview either Monday or Tuesday night. There are HUGE games, and some very important ECF games that will not be hyped by the press.

Teams Eliminated From The ECF Championship Yesterday(25): Notre Dame, Arizona, Kentucky, Miss St, Vanderbilt, Illinois, Northwestern, Penn St, West Virginia, Ga Tech, Duke, Rice, SMU, Army, Fresno St, Wyoming, UAB, NM, NM St, Marshall, E Mich, W Mich, Ohio, Ball St, N Texas

Teams Eliminated From The ECF Championship Race Prior To Yesterday (19):
Auburn, San Jose St, Indiana, Maryland, UNC, California, East Carolina, Tulane, Akron, Mid Tenn St, Baylor, La-Monroe, Idaho, Troy St, UTEP, Tulsa, Utah St, La-Lafayette, Buffalo

Teams Protected By The Three Weeks Rule That Have Suffered An Unacceptable Loss (28):
Texas, Colorado, Iowa St, Kansas, Washington, CSU, Clemson, Syracuse, BC, UConn, S. Miss, Miami OH, USF, La Tech, C Mich, Wisconsin, Purdue, Mich St, Virginia, Wake Forest, UNLV, Kent St, Alabama, South Carolina, BYU, Houston, Memphis, Hawaii

Teams with 1.5 Acceptable Losses (1):
NC State

Teams With One Acceptable Loss (14):
Oklahoma St, Toledo, Temple, Arkansas St, SD St, Mississippi, Rutgers, UCF, UCLA, Navy, Florida, Oregon St, Utah, Nevada,

Teams With A Half-Acceptable Loss (3):
N Illinois, Washington State, Ohio State

Teams With A Perfect Record Who Haven't Beaten A Top 10 Team (26):
Air Force, ASU, Boise St, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, FSU, Georgia, Iowa, KSU, LSU, Louisville, Miami, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pitt, Stanford, Texas A&M, TCU, Tennessee, Texas Tech, UCLA, Virginia Tech

Teams With A Perfect Record That Has Beaten A Top Ten Team (2):

Arkansas, USC

I believe that adds up to 118. If you see which team I have in there twice, let me know.

Eisenberg's College Football Championship Rules

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