Friday, October 10, 2003

It Was Nice While It Lasted

College Football Preview Coming Later Tonight, or Saturday Morning.

Well, that didn't last long, did it? The Red Sox were World Series favorites for only 24 hours. Here are the current odds:

New York 8-5
Chicago 2-1
Boston 11-5
Florida 5-1

Of course, the Sox loss doesn't bother me that much, seeing that I've got a ticket to game 5. I needed to avoid the sweep.

I realized as I was typing today that I haven't reviewed exactly what it is I'm doing with all of the scores, so I'll go over it briefly now. Here's a quick glimpse of the history of me and BAP.

1. Invented BAP.
2. Decided that any stat worth anything must be able to accurately pick winners based on game data.
3. Put BAP up against SLG, OBP, and OPS in game analysis, and BAP won, twice.
4. Was the subject of a thread started on a bulletin board entitled "The Next Voros McCracken?"
5. Decided to do the same contest with the entire playoff schedule, and include another tool of mine, batting average + secondary average.
6. Still haven't heard from Theo.

Here's last night's game, and another one from last weekend.

Yankees 6 Red Sox 2
OBP - Bos .324, NY .368
SLG - Bos .400, NY .406
OPS - Bos .724, NY .774
BAP - Bos .459, NY .711
EBs - Bos 1, NY 8
BA - Bos .286, NY .250
SecA - Bos .171, NY .375
BA+SecA - Bos .457, NY .625

Batting Average finally drops another one. Many of the other stats had this game close, but not BAP.

Here's an oldy but a goody:

Red Sox 3 Oakland 1
OBP - Oak .195, Bos .273
SLG - Oak .154, Bos .359
OPS - Oak .349, Bos .455
BAP - Oak .317, Bos .477
EBs - Oak 5, Bos 5
BA - Oak.154, Bos .179
SecA - Oak .077, Bos .231
BA+SecA - Oak .231, Bos .410

This, you may recall, was the "baserunning" game. Nothing unusual in the scores. Everyone gets it right.

The Standings:

BAP 17-1
OBP 16-2
BA+SecA 16-2
BA 15-3
SLG 15-3
OPS 15-3
SecA 12-6

I'm only short now two Twins-Yankees games, and two Sox-A's games. Look for me to be up to date by the end of the long weekend.

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