Thursday, October 02, 2003

Game 2: Braves 5 Cubs 3

Getting this one out of the way before discussing the Sox Debacle, and the Jekyl and Hyde routine that is Todd Walker.

The Numbers

OBP - Chi .341, Atl .405
SLG - Chi .233, Atl .400
OPS - Chi .575, Atl .805
BAP - Chi .395, Atl .590
EBs - Chi 1, Atl 7
BA - Chi .200, Atl .371
SecA - Chi .267, Atl .086
BA+SecA - Chi .467, Atl .457

Secondary Average is doing awful, losing it's third straight, and this time taking down BA+SecA with it. All of the other stats are undefeated, including, amazingly, batting average.

Temporary Heroic Performance - Mike Hampton gets out of a jam in the first by striking out three straight batters, then strikes out the side in the second, too.

Guy Most Likely To Be Talking About This Game When He Is 80 - Mark DeRosa hits a two-run double with two outs in the eighth to give Atlanta the lead for good.

Bum of The Day - Eric Karros. Here's his game log:

- In the first inning, strikes out with the bases loaded and no outs.
- In the third inning, grounds into a doubleplay to end the inning.
- In the fifth inning, grounds into the third out with a runner on third.
- In the eighth inning, singles with one out, then gets lifted for a pinch runner.

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