Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Marlins 9 Giants 5

Four entries in two days! There won't be another one until tomorrow night. Watching the Sox tonight, doing the work thing tomorrow, watching the Sox tomorrow, then you'll hear from me. I have to say though, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

The Numbers

OBP - FL .386, SF .297
SLG - FL .452, SF .382
OPS - FL .838, SF .679
BA - FL .357, SF .235
SecA - FL .159, SF .206
BA+SecA - FL .516, SF .441

Secondary Average drops it's second straight game, while batting average improves to 4-0. The Marlins set the current playoff record with 16 EBs (Extra Bases).

Crying Baby! Crying Baby! Oh man, the game's in fifteen minutes, and we're trying this whole Ferber thing, which basically means let the baby cry, and go in every ten minutes. Every ten minutes! Maybe he just wants to watch the game.

Sprinting Now.

Big Play of the Game - Jose Cruz Jr. trips on Juan Pierre's flyball into the right-hand corner, scoring two runs for the Marlins and giving them the lead for good.

Most Likely To Talk About This Game When He's 80 - Pierre goes 4-5 with a stolen base.

And I've got to cut it short there. Wait . . . Quiet Baby! Quiet Baby! Go Sox!

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