Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Jab and Move

Todd Walker hit a three-run homer in the ninth to tie the game last night, clearly in response to the tongue-lashing he took here, at Eisenberg Sports. Todd is now batting .357 for the month of September, with a .433 OBP and .536 SLG. In order to keep Todd on his current hot streak, I feel almost compelled to say something derogatory about his mother. But I'll refrain, and just say "Way to go, Todd"! Hopefully that doesn't jinx him.

And while I'm at it, way to go Maurice! Maurice Clarett has decided to sue the NFL, on the grounds that it is illegal to make him wait three years to enter the NFL draft. But what he really should have sued for was to get the whole draft thrown out. How would you like it if you finished college in Georgia, and then were told you had to work in Seattle, or you can't work in the industry? It's always amazing to me that a basically capitalist citizenry can allow Pro Football to be so socialist.

Speaking of capitalists and socialists, the President right now is 5-8 to repeat his election victory, with the entire Democratic field coming in at 7-5. But guess who made this statement yesterday about Bush's request for 87 billion:

"I don't like that amount of money, and I don't like the reconstruction money."

Ted Kennedy? Howard Dean?

No. It was Trent Lott, the Republican Senator from Mississippi. When your approval ratings can drop to the point where high-profile members of your own party feel comfortable openly criticizing your proposals, you've got election problems. W. should be no better than even money today.

The College Football Weekend Preview is coming, probably late tomorrow.

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