Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Baseball Problems

I've figured it out. Work has been hard and all, but I haven't been writing much about baseball lately when I have written, and I wasn't quite sure why until tonight. I'm too busy being a fan! How can I spend my time doing statistical analysis when it's just so much damn fun watching the games? I mean, I ain't getting paid a nickel for this, and what I really want to be doing is screaming at Grady Little on my TV for starting Andy Abad at first base and batting Adrian Brown leadoff.

The Sox are down 5-0 now, so I feel it's ok to check in. But there's still Philly-Florida going on in a great game, and Twins - White Sox. I can't wait to do BAP scores for the playoffs, but this just isn't the time.

And hey, the Democrats got a General! It will be fun to watch candidates on both sides fall over themselves trying to attack him without offending anyone.

One more announcement: From now on, I believe I will be reporting on every major fight. My wife saw the ramifications of this right away - it means we have to pay 50 bucks a shot on pay-per-view - but that's a small price to pay to please my small army of supporters.

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