Monday, September 29, 2003

College Football Wrapup, and a BAP Comeback

Before I get into the football, I just want to remind people that I will have BAP scores (remember those?) for each and every MLB playoff game, now and forever, along with unique BAP analysis of every game. We may also produce scores for OBP, SLG, OPS, Batting Average + Secondary Average (one of my other favorite creations), and Runs Created. Time permitting, of course. Also, if you would like to see my post-season awards and World Series Predictions, check out Musings From RSN

This past weekend's college football games, to use a stock market phrase, resulted in a major correction to the over-inflated values of some surprise teams. Gone are Toledo and Oregon, two teams that upset Top Ten foes just last weekend. Also gone with the losses of these two teams is virtually any chance of a non-BCS team winning a share of Eisenberg's College Football (The ECF) championship. The Ducks's loss eliminates Utah's chance to take on a Top Ten opponent, and there doesn't appear that there are any more of these matchups - a non-BCS team vs. a Top Ten team - on the horizon.

Also this weekend, many teams on the ropes survived, as "Teams that have to be Perfect" went 13-6. These winners included pre-season favorites Texas, Wisconsin, and NC State.

So for all of the early season upsets, here is each conference, and the number of teams still alive in the ECF hunt:

Big Ten - 7
Big 12 - 6
CUSA - 6
Pac10 - 5
Big East - 5
SEC - 4
ACC - 4
MAC - 3
MWC - 3
WAC - 2
SunBelt - 0
Indys - 0

Not what you expected was it? The Big Ten has taken plenty of hits during their relatively weak non-conference schedule, but most of their teams are still alive. Ohio St, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Michigan St all won this weekend.

Here are the current ECF standings. There are 45 teams left in contention for the ECF Championship. Teams that have beaten a Top Ten team are in bold:

Teams eliminated from the ECF Championship yesterday:
ASU, Iowa St, Missouri, Mississippi, Oregon, Navy, S. Miss, South Carolina, SD St, Texas A&M, Toledo, UConn, Wake Forest

Teams With A Perfect Record (11):
Air Force, Arkansas, FSU, LSU, Louisville, Miami, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, TCU, Virginia Tech

Teams With A Half-Acceptable Loss (5):
Ohio St, N Illinois, Tennessee, USC, Washington State

Teams With One Acceptable Loss (12):
Boise St, BG, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Pitt, Oklahoma St, Oregon St, Rutgers, Stanford, Utah

Teams That Have To Remain Perfect The Rest Of The Way, either due to having an Unacceptable Loss Protected By The Three Weeks Rule, Or By Reaching Their Maximum Number Of Acceptable Losses (17):
Texas, Texas Tech, Kansas, Washington, Clemson, Syracuse, Miami OH, USF, Wisconsin, Purdue, Mich St, NC St, Virginia, UNLV, Houston, Memphis, Cincinnati

Remember, tune in Friday (maybe Thursday) for this weekend's College Football Preview, and every day the rest of this week for BAP coverage of the MLB playoffs.

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