Thursday, October 09, 2003


So as a followup to posting BAP scores for yesterday's games and giving my own opinions, I thought I would give the current odds for each team to win the World Series. I went to my favorite off-shore gaming site, pulled out the odds, and nearly fell off the floor.

The Boston Red Sox are the favorites to win the World Series.

I just can't believe it. Sure, I know that if the Yankees lose tonight they're in it up to their necks, and I know that if they win they still don't have home field, and still have to go against Pedro twice. But favorites? The Red Sox are favorites?

Here are the current odds:

Boston 8-5
NY 9-5
Chi 12-5
FL 6-1

For my money, I really like the Marlins at 6-1, and still think they have a helluva chance to win that series with the Cubs. And hey, the Sox were perfect last night. The pitchers pitched well, the hitters hit well, the fielders fielded well, the baserunning was good except for Damien Jackson being caught stealing. If they keep playing like that, they could indeed be Champs. Champs!

Yesterday, I gave this summary of the Sox's chances:

"Pedro has to be a Hall of Famer, Lowe has to be an all-star, the offense has to hit like the 1927 Yankees (who's slugging record they amazingly broke), and Mariano Rivera has to be over the hill."

I realized today that I didn't even mention the Sox's bullpen. Assuming it would be inconsistent, I just hoped that Rivera would be, too. But after last night, you would have to say that the team of Timlin and Williamson has a chance to gain serious control over the outcome of this series.

The Boston Red Sox. World Series Favorites. Man, oh man.

BAP Scores -

Boston 5 New York 2
OBP - Bos .381, NY .156
SLG - Bos .564, NY .138
OPS - Bos .945, NY .294
BAP - Bos .619, NY .219
EBs - Bos 1, NY 1
BA - Bos .333, NY .103
SecA - Bos .308, NY .103
BA+SecA - Bos .641, NY .206

All stats get it right in a game between two teams that aren't interested in running at all.

Chicago 12 Florida 3
OBP - FL .316, Chi .476
SLG - FL .486, Chi .816
OPS - FL .802, Chi 1.292
BAP - FL .526, Chi 1.091
EBs - FL 1, Chi 12
BA - FL .257, Chi .421
SecA - FL .229, Chi .526
BA+SecA - FL .486, Chi .947

The Cubs turn the EB tables on the Marlins. Every stat is successful.

The Standings:

BAP 15-1
OBP 14-2
BA 14-2
BA+SecA 14-2
SLG 13-3
OPS 13-3
SecA 10-6

Look for the College Football Weekend Preview, and BAP updates all weekend, including the four missing ALDS games.


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