Wednesday, October 15, 2003

What Curse?

After going to the Sox game Monday night, working all day yesterday, and watching the Sox yesterday afternoon, I crashed. 7:30 at night, and I'm in bed until 4 in the morning, which is why I'm here now. Caught the Cubs-Marlins highlights, and I feel bad for the Cubs players who have to listen to all of that garbage about a curse. They got beat, they fell apart, and that's enough to deal with when you have another game to play today, and so many people ready to make excuses for you. I'm assuming - I hope - that the better Cubs fans can see all this, but when I think of how many Sox fans believe in all this Curse Crap, I don't know. I mean, we teach it to our children, like religion, something passed down from generation to generation. Anyway, I've got the Marlins to win this series, so I'll be pulling for them, but it's a shame it had to go this way.

Observations from Monday Night's Sox Game:

- Normally when you come up the stairs from the Green Line into Kenmore Square, you are immediatly accosted by ticket scalpers. This time though, all you could see was shiny police helmets, about a dozen of them, with nightsticks about waist high. The scalpers were still there, quieter, about fifty feet down the sidewalk, and then there were about another dozen cops on motorcycles.

- A very odd vibe, going to a game when it is already dark out.

- Everyone got into the game early. Normally there's a crowd still coming in right up until the anthem, but everyone was in there seats by 8 o'clock.

- Virtually no Yankees fans at all. Rare for this matchup.

- Ryan Reynolds sang Cowboy Up. Count me as someone put off all by all of this shaved head, rodeo, imspirational B.S. I don't need any more reminders that my favorite team is loaded with God-Fearin' Good Ol' Boys.

- Michael Bolton sang the anthem, and forgot the words. The crowd started singing louder, mockingly carrying him through it.

Enjoy the games today everybody. The College Football Weekend Preview will be here sometime soon.


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