Monday, November 15, 2004

College Football Weekend Update

What a difference a week makes! After saying last week that Michigan and BC were on the outside looking in, both had huge reversals of fortune. But before we get to that, here's the current standings:

Unscathed Teams Who Have Beaten a Top Ten Team (3)
Auburn**, Oklahoma*, USC*

All Other Unscathed Teams (1)

Teams With Half-Acceptable Losses (1)
Boise St

Teams With 1 Acceptable Loss (2)
Cal, Louisville

Teams That Have To Be Perfect The Rest Of The Way (3)
BC*, FSU, Michigan

Boston College now has their victory over a top ten team, and the inside track to a BCS bowl game. If they can beat Temple, Syracuse, and their bowl opponent ( predicts Miami), they will finish the season with only 1.5 Acceptable Losses and a share of the ECF Championship. Michigan, meanwhile, was the benficiary of the massive Wisconsin collapse, and now has the inside track on a BCS bowl bid, which will give them their necessary Top Ten opponent.

Here's's bowl projections involving ECF teams:

Auburn vs USC
Michigan vs Cal
BC vs Miami
Oklahoma vs Utah
Louisville vs New Mexico
FSU vs West Virginia
Boise St vs Georgia Tech

Louisville, Boise St, and now FSU appear to be squeezed out of an appearance against a Top Ten team, which would eliminate them from ECF competition. However, all of the over games are live, with three automatically producing champions, and another game possibly producing one if BC beats old Big East nemesis Miami. Me thinks there's still an upset or two to come though, so we'll see if we even tie the 2002 record of three champions.


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