Friday, June 06, 2003

The Amazing Albert Pujols!

Too excited to wait until the morning for this one. After giving Albert Pujols full praise for his accomplishments this morning, I was following games along ESPN, and noticed that in tonight's St. Louis - Baltimore game (wonder if the local press made any mention of the Orioles being the old St. Louis Browns) Albert Pujols had started this way:

Single to center in the first with two outs and no one on.

Walked with a man on first and two out in the third.

Singled with runners on first and second with one out in the fourth.

Knowing that he had made positive contributions in all four at bats Thursday night, becoming the first two-time winner of the PDMOH, I went to check on what happened on Wednesday. In Albert's last at bat that night, he was intentionally walked with a runner on third and two out, even though the Blue Jays were already down three runs, and the next batter was Jim Edmonds.

Albert Pujols had success at the plate in eight straight appearances!

I found the game on MLB Extra Innings. In the bottom of the seventh with the score tied, Pujols led off the inning with a single to left. The announcers were all over how hot Albert's been, even talking about whether or not he has a chance to hit .400. But they had no idea of just how hot Albert is at this exact moment, or that they were in the middle of something special.

The Cardinals stranded Pujols on first, and then the Orioles took a 6-5 lead in the top of the eighth. In the bottom of the eighth with runners on first and second and two out , JD Drew walked, loading the bases for Albert.

There was a conference on the mound. The announcers joked about how everyone was just wishing the pitcher good luck.

Albert swings and misses on the first pitch, and I think (don't quite remember) he takes a ball. On the next pitch, Albert rips a double to left, clearing the bases. The Cardinals go on to win by that score, 8-6.

Albert Pujols has now made a positive contribution in 10 straight plate appearances. And because they weren't all hits, and I don't write for ESPN, I may the only one who has noticed.

To review:

Wednesday - Intentional Walk
Thursday - Sacrifice Fly, Double, Single, Homer
Friday - Single, Walk, Single, Single, Double

You Go, Albert. Can't wait for tomorrow!


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