Monday, June 09, 2003

Day off in baseball for most everybody, so I'll be short with that, and move on to other things.

3 PDMOH winners for yesterday - Marlon Byrd, Geoff Blum, and Hideki Matsui.

One series starts tonight, and that is Philadelphia at Anaheim. One thing that has struck me this year about interleague play is how many potential World Series matchups we are seeing. While many may consider the Angels already out of it, they still have that great bullpen intact, and so I think they could still run off a string of wins at some point.

Anyway, Anaheim is -150 for this series, with Millwood not pitching. The Angels line up is a little banged up, so I wouldn't touch this one.

The Spurs went up 2-1 on New Jersey in the Disgrace that has become the NBA Finals. It used to take three great players to win an NBA title, but we're down to one:

Magic, Kareem, Worthy
Bird, Parish, McHale
Isaiah, Dumars, Rodman
Jordan and Pippen
Shack and Kobe

It seems like it must be overcoaching, but really, I think its the 3-point line. Every kid in America grows up driving to the basket and shooting threes, and that's it. They get to high school, learn some basic defenses, get a year or two (maybe) of fine-tuning in the college ranks, and then they're playing for NIKE. David Stern ought to pray every night tha the rest of the world keeps sending us players, because right now the American Player stinks. Or, to quote the Grateful Dead:

He's Gone, He's Gooooone, and nothing's going to bring him back. He's Gone.

Hockey is a little better. They just have to cut down on the goalie equipment. You need goals, fellas, although that really hasn't been a problem the last couple of games. I'd like to see Anaheim win it.

And if you didn't see any of the Arturo Gatti - Mickey Ward trilogy that concluded on HBO Saturday, then you don't know what a tough guy is. Also, you missed seeing Michael Grant, a tremendous all-around athlete, get knocked senseless by Dominick Guinn, who is what used to be impossible, an unknown former Olympian. I would love to see all of these other sport's "tough guys" get in the ring, then we'd really see what they were made of. Hear me Scott Stevens? Hear me, Kenyon Martin?


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