Saturday, August 09, 2003

Saturday Update

That's a really bad title, seeing that I'm giving a couple of BAP scores for Thursday, and one for Friday. Most of the BAP Research Team has the good sense to be out of town this weekend, so we'll have a lot more scores on Monday. Maybe some tomorrow, too.

Went to that Sox game last night. Terrible. The Orioles don't have one everyday player who could start for the Red Sox, but their pitching has been underrated all year. And they don't have Grady.

From Last Night:

Texas 5 Toronto 3
BAP - Tex .579, Tor .514
OPS - Tex 1.013, Tor .641
Texas hit into five doubleplays, keeping it relatively close. But shouldn't it be close? Texas only won by two. From the OPS scores, you would think it was a blowout.

From Thursday:

Tampa Bay 3 Toronto 2
BAP - TB .444, Tor .432
OPS - TB .604, Tor .570
Very close game.

Baltimore 5 Minnesota 3
BAP - Bal .531, Min .528
OPS - Bal .700, Min .667
An even closer game. OBP actually gets this one wrong, but SLG bails it out for OPS.

The Standings in Contest II:

BAP 9-0
OPS 8-1

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