Sunday, August 03, 2003

The Battle is Rejoined!

I have decided to continue the contest between BAP and OBP and SLG, except this time we're going to combine OBP and SLG. I'm doing this for three reasons:

1. BAP has been running into some really difficult games, hitting some and losing some, and its difficult to gauge whether or not this is a problem with BAP without seeing how other stats are fairing.

2. Only showing OBP and SLG scores when BAP lost was a stupid idea. It couldn't do anything except make BAP look bad, and

3. From the beginning there have been a few who wanted to see OPS numbers, and its real easy to convert if you already have OBP and SLG numbers.

So I went back to the beginning, and changed everything into OPS. This was easy except for the last few days, when I stopped doing OBP and SLG. So, the standings are not completely up to date, but I'm only a day or two behind. Also, I took out of the contest games done by the BAP Research Team that didn't fit these qualifications: the game must be decided by one run, or the loser must have as many or more hits as the winner. The games taken out are still extremely important to BAP records, and will be printed every day. They just won't be part of the contest.
Anyway, here are the new standings:

BAP 42-4-1
OPS 37-10

I was surprised by this. I thought like many probably did that if you combined OBP and SLG, that might minimize losses because the one with the winning score would overcome the one with the loser. But it's closer to 50-50, and there are some games where both OBP and SLG missed the mark.

We at ES feel much better now. A recent losing streak never feels as bad as when you have a five and a half game lead.

Taking the rest of the day off. It's Sunday man! I'll have BAP and Paul DePodesta Awards for both leagues tomorrow.

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