Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Dog Days of August

Day after day I'm more confused
But I look for the light through the pourin' rain
You know, that's a game, that I hate to loose
I'm feelin' the strain, ain't it a shame
Drift Away by Dobie Gray, or if you're a younger man, Uncle Kracker

Editor's Note: We at Eisenberg Sports would like to make it clear in advance that we are in no way implying that Voros McCracken either uses illegal substances, or advocates the use of them.

We are deep into the season now. There is only the rare day off. A manager has been fired. Pitching staffs are being stretched thin, and the humidity is driving everyone crazy, and I'm feeling the strain.

Here are the rules that I set for myself for covering games with BAP:

Cover all games for BAP and OPS that are:
1. One-run games.
2. Games where the loser had more hits than the winner.
3. Games where the loser had as many hits as the winner.

Guess how many of these games there were last night?

Ten. Games not covered by the BAP Research Team? Eight.

Well, I've already drifted away from the Paul DePodesta Medal of Honor, and I haven't been able to do another Idiot Wind (an entry I did last month where I went through all of the stupid plays in one day) even though I enjoyed that a lot. I had just started to track the Mariners individually, but I guess I can drop that. I came up with a whole different way of checking speed yesterday that I'm real excited about, but that can wait. And then there's the College Football season preview, which will absolutely change the way my readers follow the season . . .

Beginin' to think, that I'm wastin' time
And I don't understand the things I do
-Drift Away

Meanwhile, I'm ignoring the elephant in the room. BAP has become all-consuming, and there needs to be a change. Anyone who has tried to score a BAP game will tell you that doing 5 to 8 games everyday is an absolutely insane idea. I mean, Voros McCracken couldn't do it if he had a kilo of cocaine in his closet. So, here is the new plan:

BAP record-keeping will continue. Because there are volunteers for the Red Sox, Yankees, and Orioles, my goal is to have every game for the rest of the year for the American League East only. A new contest with OPS will start with just these games. Percentages may not be printed for every game unless they are done by volunteers.

Give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and DRIFT AWAY
Give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and DRIFT AWAY

I feel better. Freed from the shackles of pure research, Eisenberg Sports can get back to more of a free-form, laid-back kind of blog. YEAH!

BAP Scores:

Boston 10 Anaheim 9 From Tim at Musings From RSN

BAP- Bos .872, Ana .854
OPS - Bos .985, Ana .937

NY 6 Texas 2 From Jeremy at NYU
OPS - NY 1.000, Tex .651
BAP - NY .719, Tex .400

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