Saturday, October 18, 2003


Less than twelve hours after My Brain Is Little sells out Red Sox Nation for a future job as minor league scout with the Yankees, I find myself with sixteen 10-year-olds at the Ringling Brothers Circus in the Fleet Center. Talk about surreal. The kids, they don't know. I mean they know the Sox lost, but they don't understand how, and so they're over it. Me, I'm sitting there devastated, watching the warmup act balance a ladder on his chin, when a woman and an elephant come marching in.

The happy couple are scantily clad in matching Silver-and-Blue metallic-like coverings, and I can't help but notice that the woman, sitting on the elephant's neck, moves the elephant by thrusting her hips into his head. At least I think that's why she's doing it.

That's not a bad distraction, I was thinking to myself, when suddenly the National Anthem kicks in. It is only then that I notice that the woman is also carrying a rather large American flag. Now it's all coming together, people are standing and singing, the flag's waving, the hips are thrusting, the elephant's moving, and I'm thinking, hey, I dig the circus. This is so much better than seeing Michael Bolton mess up the words to the Star Spangled Banner. Wouldn't it be great if the Sox could do this the next . . . .


Freakin Little. And he's still out there.

The College Football Weekend Wrapup should be published bright and early Sunday, as I won't be staying up late to watch tonight's World Series opener.

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