Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Jab and Move - Quantum Mechanics and the Red Sox Dynasty

Didn't get to sit down with my blog last night because I was watching, of all things, a NOVA special on quantum mechanics and string theory. Totally trippy stuff. Apparently, the trick of quantum mechanics is that every possible outcome to any situation does in fact occur, if not in our universe, than in a parallel one. Taken to it's logical conclusion, not only did the Red Sox win this World Series, but they have actually won all of them, in one universe or another. Well, that's a relief. Or at least, it's a relief until I find out that half of my audience happens to be physicists, and they point out all of the flaws in my interpretation.

Tonight I watched the Celtics opener, and while they were playing a Lamar Odom-less Miami Heat, they still looked good. These, quickly, are my fairly generic observations:

Raef LaFrentz does lots of things well - shoots inside and outside, rebounds, passes. Good Stuff.

Marcus Banks looked like a rookie in his first game, which is to say, awful.

The C's have a lot of depth in the frontcourt.

I'm restarting my Playoff BAP Scores Analysis. It's unfortunate that I couldn't continue it right through the World Series and finish it on time, but who would have expected that level of BoSox heartache? And anyway, I do have a job, so schedules for blog stuff are always optimistic. Here are the last two games of Twins-Yankees. After this, I'll only have two Florida-Chicago games, four Sox-Yankees, and the World Series. We'll get there. Promise.

Yankees 8 Twins 1
OBP - NY .381, Min .250
SLG - NY .538, Min .278
OPS - NY .919, Min .528
BAP - NY .714, Min .361
EBs - NY 6, Min 3
BA - NY .333, Min .250
SecA - NY .308, Min .028
BA+SecA - NY .741, Min .278

Not even close. Each stat analyzes the game data correctly.

NY 3 Minn 1
OBP - NY .333, Min .182
SLG - NY .353, Min .240
OPS - NY .686, Min .420
BAP - NY .550, Min .394
EBs - NY 5, Min 4
BA - NY .235, Min .156
SecA - NY .265, Min .125
BA+SecA - NY .500, Min .281

A closer game, but still, each stat gets it right.

The Standings:

BAP 24-2
BA+SecA 23-3
SLG 23-3
OPS 22-4
OBP 21-5
BA 21-5
SecA 20-6

For those of you completely baffled by the BAP scores, go to BAP For Beginners.

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At 2:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?

At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch


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