Sunday, October 19, 2003

College Football Weekend Wrapup

For those of you wondering what happened to the BAP scores, don't worry (or, be afraid, be very afraid), they'll be back. While I did want to be up to date for the World Series, the devastating nature of the Red Sox's demise resulted in, among other things, me needing a break from studying game logs. I'll probably have some more of them tomorrow.

Not an especially surprising weekend in college football. We are now down to only eleven BCS-eligible teams that still qualify for Eisenberg's College Football National Championship (the ECF). Of course, with TCU and Northern Illinois continuing to move up in the rankings, we are developing some interesting scenarios where either the MAC or Liberty Bowl winner might steal a share of the ECF. I'll talk about that more during the College Football Weekend Preview, which I swear I'll get out on Wednesday.

Here are the current ECF standings. There are now only 18 teams left in contention for the ECF Championship. Teams that have beaten a Top Ten team are in bold:

Teams eliminated from the ECF Championship yesterday (5):
Air Force, Houston, Iowa, Texas Tech, Wisconsin

Teams With A Perfect Record (4):
Miami, Oklahoma, TCU, Virginia Tech

Teams With A Half-Acceptable Loss (3):
Louisville, USC, Washington State

Teams With One Acceptable Loss (6):
Boise St, Bowling Green, Georgia, N Illinois, Oklahoma St, Utah

Teams That Have To Remain Perfect The Rest Of The Way, either due to having an Unacceptable Loss Protected By The Three Weeks Rule, Or By Reaching Their Maximum Number Of Acceptable Losses (4):
Miami OH, Ohio St, Purdue, Mich St

ECF Rules

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