Friday, October 24, 2003

Jab and Move

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Florida Marlins. The Red Sox season ended last week, but for this fan the misery was going to continue into the World Series. And it's no anti-Yankee thing. I've got my eyes on the big prize, not beating the team from New York, and I couldn't care less if the Yankees won every single World Series until the Red Sox win there's. No, I lived in fear of the Yankees winning the series in 4 or 5 games, for this would mean that in all probability that the Sox would have beaten the Marlins too, had it not been for "My Brain is" Little. As it is, while I would like the Marlins to win it, it doesn't really matter now, because they have removed all certainty that this was THE YEAR. So here's hoping Josh Beckett mows the Yankees down in game 6, but if he doesn't, hey, it's not my team.

Pat Riley quit today, the last man from the famed Laker-Celtic rivalry to still be working in the same capacity (a coach, not a Laker coach). Riley went from being coach of a dynasty to the best example of how overrated an NBA coach is, as he could never win a title without Magic and Kareem on the court.

Speaking of transformations, Antoine Walker went from being one of the best young athletes the Celtics have ever drafted to a flat-footed three-point threat. There's nothing remarkable about that, except that he's only 27 years old! I haven't heard anyone in the press comment on what a bad deal this is for Walker. Had he been lucky, the Celtics would have cowardly kept him on and given him yet another big money contract, even if it wasn't quite at the level of his own expectations. But instead, he'll be fighting for minutes and shots, his stats will plummet, the Mavs still won't win a title, and he'll be out of work at 29, with no one looking to offer him anything significant in terms of dollars or time.

The Football Gods have given us a TV broadcast of the most crucial game in the Eisenberg's College Football National Championship race this weekend. The Bowling Green Falcons will host the Northern Illinois Huskies on ESPN2 in the late afternoon slot. Give the points. The Falcons will win by two touchdowns.

I did the College Football Weekend Preview a couple of days ago, so if you're looking for that, just page down.

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