Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Three Champions, One Dynasty

Eisenberg Sports would now like to announce this year's College Football Champions. There are three winners this year, three teams that fulfilled all of the requirements of the ECF(Eisenberg's College Football) rules. We'll announce our winners alphabetically. Here we go!

The first ECF Champion for 2004 - 2005 is the University of Auburn!

The Auburn Tigers finished the season with thirteen wins and zero defeats. They won home games vs LSU and Georgia, road matches with Tennessee and Alabama, beat the Volunteers again in the SEC Championship game, and Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. Way to go, Tigers!

Our next ECF Champion is the University of Louisville!

The Louisville Cardinals are the ultimate Cinderella Story,becoming the first team from a non-BCS conference to steal a share of the ECF crown. The Louisville Cardinals won eleven games this year and only lost one, a 41 - 38 heartbreaker in Miami against the then-#3 Hurricanes, the toughest road opponent for any of our three ECF champions. Still, this one difficult loss would have doomed a mid-major team in years past, but the Cardinals fell into a bowl game with a Top Ten team, Boise State. Their win over BSU help them fulfill the most difficult ECF requirement for a non-BCS team, beating a a Top Ten Team. Congratulations Cardinals!

Our last Champion needs no introduction, as they have stood on the podium with us for each of the ECF's three seasons. Ladies and Gentlemen, our third and final Champion is the USC Trojans!

The Trojans went 13 and 0 this year, and have won 22 straight football games. Last night, a nation watched the two-time Champions destroy the University of Oklahoma 55 - 19. With 16 of 22 starters expected to return, USC will be the team to beat next year as well. Congratulations Trojans!

Here is the complete list of ECF Champions. Join us again next year for more ECF action.

2004-2005 Auburn, Louisville, USC
2003-2004 USC
2002-2003 Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC


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