Thursday, February 10, 2005

Canseco and Giambi

Jose Canseco has been taking a beating in the press for his soon-to-be-published book. They have attacked his character,honesty,intentions,memory, you name it. I have heard people say "What kind of a person would name other players like that?", but my question is, with all of the internal pressures in baseball to remain silent, wouldn't it take EXACTLY the kind of person that Canseco is accused of being to do the job? You would need someone who is out of baseball, because certainly no one within baseball is being honest about it. You would need someone who loved publicity, thrived on controversy, and was somewhat bitter. This certainly seems to be the kind of person that Canseco is portrayed as being. And let me ask you this: Is there anyone in baseball that you would expect to know MORE about steroid use in the majors than Canseco? Still, they kill the messenger.

Now if you want to go after somebody, try Jason Giambi, who should have just kept his mouth shut. Publicly apologizing and claiming full responsibility is laughable when you refuse to dscuss a single detail about what you're apologizing for, or taking responsibility for.

As it is, everyone in baseball is now guilty, because no one is talking. Bud Selig should grant full amnesty to anyone who comes forward and names names, and then should suspend anyone else who turns up dirty for a year, and yes, that includes Bonds. The game is bigger than everyone, and this thing will not die until a sufficient number of culprits pay.