Sunday, January 08, 2006

Boycott The Bigot

Larry Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz, and apparently at least one movie theater, has decided that Brokeback Mountain can not be shown in his theatre. He's the same man who is able to consistently lead the NBA in number of white players on his roster, something the mainstream press chooses to ignore.

I'm not normally one for economic boycotts except for the most extreme circumstances, but Miller is using his position in the world to impact American culture, so why not use our position to impact him? What I am calling for? Obviously, no one purchases Jazz gear anyway, but people do purchase tickets to see the Jazz play on the road. My request is, STOP DOING THAT! Write a letter to David Stern instead, and tell him you are not attending, or viewing, any NBA game that has the Utah Jazz in it until Larry Miller unloads the team, and there is full investigation into the racist hiring policies of the Utah Jazz.

Here's the link to the story:
Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'


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