Saturday, January 08, 2005


Finally found a sandwich in South Florida that could be a worthy competitor of those back in Boston. The place is Jersey Mike's, which I guess is a pretty big chain, but it feeds you just like a ma-and-pa place up north. I got a chicken parm sub that was at least a foot long, and for once I had ordered a sandwich in this town that didn't leave me hungry. And to top it all off, I won a cookie!

Apparently, at least this Jersey Mike's gives out free cookies for to Floridians who have, of all things, hockey knowledge. Here's the question that I answered about that great sport from our past:

Which team did the Hartford Whalers become?

The answer is Carolina Hurricanes, but what I really wanted to tell the sandwich makers was that the Hartford Whalers were originally the New England Whalers, and I was there, I WAS THERE, when Teddy Green skated around the Boston Arena ice with the very first WHA championship trophy.

Ahh, the memories.


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